All inbound flows under control

A modern Intake Management Platform for Shippers and BCOs

The new way to monitor, prioritize, plan, and schedule your inbound transports. From port terminal or production site into the warehouse. With full collaboration and transparency for all stakeholders. Supported by automation.

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Prioritize, plan, and execute your inbound shipments

Three connected modules to create and execute optimized intake plans. In collaboration with your partners. Say goodbye to scattered data, ETA updates per email, and broken communication processes.

Monitoring & Sequencing

A combined watchlist for all your soon-to-be arriving containers, across multiple carriers. Receive ETA updates and automatically prioritize shipments based on your business criteria. Never inbound an important container too late again.

Planning & Scheduling

Northbound helps you create optimized intake plans by scheduling your inbound transports under consideration of transportation and warehouse capacity. With just one click. And at the warehouse destination, our dynamic dock scheduling takes over.

Execution & Collaboration

A central source of truth for all stakeholders. Collaborate with your partners around schedule changes, ETA updates, customs info, capacity fluctuations, and milestones. Keep everyone in the loop with notifications and alerts. And check the history after completion.